The Easton Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) was initially organized in 1951. The goal of the Easton Police Department is to help keep kids off the streets by involving them in various sports/activites programs. P.A.L. soon blossomed to be a major contributor to the youth programs in the Easton area. The center of program activities were housed at the local P.A.L. headquarters at 128 South 6th Street, Easton. Unfortunately, the building expenses began to pile up and led to the building closing in 1974. P.A.L. continues to exist through sponsoring teams through various local youth organizations. In 1984, the P.A.L. chapter dissolved due to a lack of funding and volunteers. The P.A.L. chapter was re-established in 1987 with strong community and police support. The Easton P.A.L. officially joined the National Association of P.A.L. on February 17, 1988. Although the chapter does not have a community building, P.A.L. continues to sponsor youth activites more than ever! Each year, hundreds of area youths take part in a P.A.L. sponsored programs.

P.A.L. Sponsored Activities: Boys/Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Boxing, Baseball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Cheerleading, Arts and Crafts


“The object and purpose of this association is to provide and maintain a means and method for the exchange of ideas, experiences and information on youth problems , their causes and treatment, and to study methods and procedures necessary to develop a constructive program with a goal towards solving youth problems; to promote competition in the field of sportsmanship and citizenship; to be a constructive force locally and nationally in the interest of youth and the promotion of friendly and cooperative relationships between members of the Easton and National PAL; and to promote growth of our youth for a foundation to become a more productive adult.”

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